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Payment Options

We offer different ways to pay for your dental treatment. Choose the one that suits your finances best.

Dental Insurance

We accept most dental insurances including traditional and PPO out-of-network. Our team will help with insurance forms, but remember, your policy is between you and your insurer. You're responsible for any costs not covered. We can give you an estimate before treatment. Our fees are standard, but your insurance might have a different rate. Coverage varies between companies, and some pay faster than others.

Dental HMOs

We don't take participate in managed care or dental HMOs like Humana HMO or United Healthcare HMO


You can pay for dental services directly. We accept cash, checks, money orders, and major credit cards for your convenience.


You can use Care Credit or Lending Club for your dental procedure. Visit their websites to find out more. We accept both. They offer financing for payment plans. Sign up on their websites.